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Blood Pressure Checks

Port Ludlow Fire & Rescue offers free blood pressure checks at our headquarters fire station located at 7650 Oak Bay Road. You will be given a wallet-size blood pressure check card where your blood pressure can be recorded for each visit. This data can be then relayed to your physician if needed. Although appointments are not necessary, the Fire District staff may be out-of-quarters on an EMS or Fire call. Please feel free to stop by as often as necessary.

Prudent heart living is a lifestyle that may minimize the risk of future heart disease. One of the components that make up prudent heart living is maintaining a normal blood pressure. Blood pressure is defined as pressure in the circulatory system that is required to maintain a normal blood flow. The arterial blood pressure obtained with a Blood Pressure cuff is actually two pressures, the systolic and diastolic. These are the pressures against the walls of the arteries when the heart is contracting and relaxing. Blood pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury. The normal blood pressure for an adult is approximately 120/80. However, a "normal" blood pressure can vary for individuals depending on many factors, age, size, medications, fitness, level, etc. Uncontrolled high blood pressure, called hypertension is associated with a greater risk of heart attack. Hypertension is often referred to as the silent killer because many times there are no outward signs. Untreated hypertension increases the risk of stroke, heart attack, and kidney failure.

Although the underlying cause of high blood pressure in most patients is unknown, the good news is that it usually can be controlled. Treatment includes diet changes, increased exercise, and possibly medication. Important reasons for having regular blood pressure checks is to see if you could possibly be at a high risk and/or to insure that any blood pressure medication that is being taken is effectively controlling any problems.

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