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Port Ludlow Fire & Rescue's vision is to be the most professional, compassionate, trustworthy, and fiscally responsible organization providing experienced leadership, highly trained personnel, and strong community involvement.


To protect, educate, and care for our community.


Planning before action
Fast and effective responses
Analysis of the risks before action
Well maintained property
The right tools for the job

The integration of volunteers into all areas of the organization

Fiscal efficiency


Who we are

Port Ludlow Fire & Rescue is a dedicated group of fire service professionals who care deeply about the community and citizens they protect.  Serving a community of approximately 5000 residents, we currently operate out of three facilities.  Two of the stations (Fire Station No. 31 and No. 33) have full-time firefighters and emergency medical technicians and all of our facilities are supplemented with volunteer staff.  The District serves the areas known as the Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort (North Bay and South Bay), Mats Mats, Olele Point, Swansonville, Beaver Valley, Paradise Bay, Bywater Way, South Point, Bridgehaven, Thorndyke, Shine, Squamish Harbor, and the surrounding areas, for fire protection and emergency medical services (EMS). 


Port Ludlow Fire & Rescue (PLFR) is proud to provide the following high quality fire, rescue and EMS services:

  • Fire Protection and Suppression

  • Emergency Medical Aid (Basic and Paramedic)

  • Basic Hazardous Materials Response

  • Specialized Technical Rescue Services

  • Fire and Life Safety Inspections

  • Public Fire Safety and Prevention Education

  • Community Relations and Events

  • Marine Rescue


Jefferson County Fire Protection District No. 3 was organized in the mid 1960's to provide fire protection and fire suppression services for Port Ludlow and the surrounding communities.

In the early days, Port Ludlow and the surrounding areas were primarily small, close-knit, rural communities. There were also several small businesses as well as the growing resort development located within the District’s response area. As the district continued to grow, it began to provide emergency medical services (EMS) in addition to the traditional fire protection and suppression services in the 1970’s.

Over the years, the district saw the need to expand its facilities by adding fire stations in Paradise Bay and in the Shine area as well as the headquarters fire station located at 7650 Oak Bay Road in Port Ludlow. The fire station on Oak Bay Road serves as the administrative office of the fire district.

Much like the District, the communities have also changed over the past 50 years. The communities have transformed from primarily a rural setting to a mixture of rural and suburban neighborhoods. The area also became a popular resort/vacation destination with the major attraction being the Resort at Port Ludlow that includes the Inn, marina and golf course.

All of these changes over the years have brought an increase in families and visitors to the District now know as Port Ludlow Fire & Rescue. The increase in the population has created a demand for additional services along with the public’s expectations on the level of fire and emergency medical services that they receive.

Today, Port Ludlow Fire & Rescue is a combination volunteer and career department, providing 24-hour, 365-day a year service that includes fire suppression, rescue services, basic and advanced life support response and transport.

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