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4th of July Holiday Safety

As we approach the time of year where we celebrate the founding of our nation, Port Ludlow Fire & Rescue wants to encourage each of you to exercise good safety practices as you enjoy the 4th of July holidays.

The 4th of July is the cause of a great number of fires and burn injuries due to fireworks. According to national statistics, more than 10,000 citizens are injured each year by the misuse of common and illegally manufactured fireworks. These injuries result in millions of dollars in medical and legal expenses, and untold suffering. The injuries include burns and the loss of fingers, limbs, vision or hearing; most injuries leave permanent scarring. The overwhelming majority of persons injured are younger than 20 years old.

Fireworks can cause fires in dry brush and grass, and also cause fires that destroy or damage homes. Fires are caused by careless handling of fireworks in areas exposed to sparks or live fireworks. Most fireworks burn injuries involve children. These are usually burns to the hands and eyes causing vision impairment and disfiguring scars. Sparklers are the biggest danger to children. A tip temperature at the end of the sparkler reaches 1800 degrees Fahrenheit and can easily cause a burn.

Celebrate Safely, It’s Your Responsibility

Adult supervision around fireworks is important. Only adults should light fireworks and handle matches and lighters. Set family boundaries and talk with children about celebrating safely. Use care in selecting the area for discharge of fireworks, and the type of fireworks appropriate for that area. Weather conditions make grasses and other vegetation dry and vulnerable to fire.

Before you light fireworks...

Be Prepared:

  • Use legal fireworks, available at licensed outlets

  • Store fireworks out of children’s reach.

  • Keep pets safe indoors.

  • Always keep water handy.

Be Safe:

  • Only adults should light fireworks.

  • Only use outdoors.

  • Do not throw fireworks or hold in your hand.

  • Protect your eyes.

  • Light one firework at a time and move away quickly.

  • Never relight a "dud".

Be Responsible:

  • Soak used fireworks in water.

  • Be considerate--clean up used fireworks.

  • Keep matches and lighters away from children.


  • For more information on fireworks injuries, see

  • To learn more about fireworks safety visit the Washington State Fire Marshal's website at:

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