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Jimmy Baggett

Meet Jimmy Baggett, resident firefighter and EMT with Port Ludlow Fire and Rescue. Jimmy has been a firefighter for fifteen months. He began his career as a volunteer. Originally from Bainbridge Island, he went to college at Hawaii Pacific University where he was involved with their soccer program. During that time he became interested in firefighting, and all the boxes were checked on that profession as a goal.

His family—parents, brother, and sister— still live on Bainbridge Island. He has a special girlfriend of two years. When not working, he loves to play basketball and soccer, as well as snowboarding. He plays drums, which he doubts many people would know about him.

Jimmy likes the camaraderie that comes with working closely with the other firefighters. It is a family-like bond, and it is important to him to do work “that matters.” He works on the patience and discipline that it takes to become highly competent with all aspects of his job. He vividly remembers his first fire call, which was a large boat on fire at the marina.

His goal is to be a career firefighter and to start a family.

This article was previously published in the May 2020 edition of the Port Ludlow Voice

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