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Sarah Chapman

Meet Sarah Chapman, firefighter and certified E.M.T. with Port Ludlow Fire and Rescue. She has been with PLFR for one year in January. Sarah is originally from Genola, Utah, a small community an hour south of Salt Lake City. She came to Port Townsend when she was eighteen to join four of her brothers who had ventured to the Peninsula. There are ten siblings in her family, six boys and four girls. Her parents are still in Utah. She has a boyfriend, Will George, and has been with him for five years. She was home schooled in Utah and has gone through the Fire Academy for training for her job.

Sarah decided to become a firefighter because the physical and mental aspect of the job fit her personal desires. After reading the job description, she became passionate about pursuing a career in the fire service. She has enjoyed learning about the tools used on the job, the equipment she has had to become familiar with, and has learned to drive the equipment that the job requires. Her interests away from work include keeping physically fit, and she loves to read, including literature and history books. She also loves dancing, particularly with a partner.

The things she likes best about her job is the constant learning required and helping people that need what PLFR provides in support and problem solving. The hardest part of the job has been the learning about tools where she had no prior experience with them. She is passionate, when you talk to her, that she made the right decision, that the sacrifices she has made to pursue her vocation were the absolute right choices. Sarah wants to pursue her career, become a Paramedic, and grow in her responsibilities in the department. She has a great attitude.

This article was previously published in the June 2022 edition of the Port Ludlow Voice

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