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Winter Weather Tips

The longest part of our winter season usually begins in January and runs through March. Our winter weather often brings windstorms and subsequent power outages.

Here are some suggestions from your fire department to get you safely through the winter months:

  • If you are dependent on life-sustaining medical equipment, register your equipment with PUD. Be prepared to provide PUD with a letter from your physician verifying the need for the equipment you use. You can reach PUD Monday-Friday at (360) 385-5800 if you have any questions.

  • Use battery-operated lights rather than candles if the power goes out. Do not use propane or kerosene-fueled lamps indoors. Outside solar yard lights can be used inside to help light your home if the power goes out. Simply bring them in and place them in a tall flower vase or empty liter-sized soda pop bottle. Put them back outside during the day to recharge.

  • If you have a generator, keep it outside and run a cord to the inside of your house.

  • If you use an electric space heater of any kind, make certain it is three feet away from anything flammable. Be sure to unplug it before going to bed at night.

  • Never use gas ovens, gas ranges, barbecues, or propane or kerosene heaters indoors. They use oxygen and create carbon monoxide that can cause suffocation.

  • Be sure to put fresh batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors. If you need help replacing those batteries, contact Port Ludlow Fire & Rescue at (360) 437-2236 for assistance.

  • Jefferson County Dept. of Emergency Management strongly encourages residents to check their emergency supplies before winter comes. Consider getting some easy to fix meals such as soup or hot cereal that can be prepared on a camp stove or outdoor grill that is used outdoors on your deck or patio.

Stay warm and safe this winter. If you have any questions, please call me at (360) 437-2236 or email me at


This article was previously published in the January 2021 edition of the Port Ludlow Voice.

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